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Stewart Marshall Gulley​


The Inspirational Speaker

The road to success is looking for new travelers- Stewart Marshall Gulley


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It started as a creative kid where he wrote his first play at age 12. Wrote and produced this stage production using adults that were three times his age. It was one of the gifts the genius had. As a kid he suffered from extreme migraine heads and all he could remember was the pain, crying, going to the hospital and laying in his mother’s lap as she rubbed his head. When the pain would cease many would laugh and say that there was too much going on his big head. Further along some of his accomplishments are the father of two children Nadia & Jamal, Playwright, Author, Artist, Actor, Hairstylist for 20 years, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, AA Degree Fashion Design, Auctioneer, Inspirational Speaker and organized The Gulley Institute of Creative Learning, which was renamed H.i.Y.O.B.Y. (Helping in Your Own Back Yard).  Attended over 30 schools and still on the run for education.  Very seldom watches television unless it was mostly a "How to do" program. He may have only seen collectively a total of 2 hours of news in the last 30 years. To him the news is not a truthful and uncaring place. One might would say he should be famous, however, life has its ups and downs and from mental depression to being homeless and living in one of the largest skid row areas in Los Angeles he still persevered.

His conclusion has led him to know that most people are fearful when you have a lot of education, but education was his choice and not television. It is said that we should not talk to strangers, but the strangers have moved in the house and called television. People feel you’re over qualified and fearful of your gift, but your gift will definitely make room for you. With all of those gifts he has acquired he now only speaks to organizations, groups, and churches encouraging them to move forward despite of all the politics, jealousy  and selfishness that surrounds us! As a title used in one of his books, "Stay in Your on Lane."

                                                                  "You' re just a Renaisance Man- P. Dismond

My Mother
My Father
​My son & daughter in the 80's
Jamal & Nadia
Son & daughter as adults + grandson
(One of six grandchildren)
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