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The Inspirational Speaker, Author, Playwright

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HI I'm Stewart Marshall Gulley

It started as a creative kid where he wrote his first play at age 12. Wrote and produced this stage production using adults that were three times his age. It was one of the gifts the genius had. As a kid he suffered from extreme migraine heads and all he could remember was the pain, crying, going to the hospital and laying in his mother’s lap as she rubbed his head. When the pain would cease many would laugh and say that there was too much going on his big head. Further along some of his accomplishments are the father of two children Nadia & Jamal, Playwright, Author, Artist, Actor, Hairstylist for 20 years, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, AA Degree Fashion Design, Auctioneer, Inspirational Speaker and organized The Gulley Institute of Creative Learning, now renamed H.i.Y.O.B.Y. (Helping In Your Own Back Yard).  Attended over 30 schools and still on the run for education.



Buck Naked

"Buck Naked" is the most practical and logical book of all times. This book deals with you stripping off the burdensome cares that a marketing society has imposed on you. The harder you try to overcome in this complex world there are many manipulators that sit back and watch you destroy yourself

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Who In The Hell Is "They?"

One of the most dangerous words used in the English dictionary is called "They." It has caused many people to lose focus on their dream only because of what "they said." This book encourages you to listen to your heart and not to worry about "they," and only listening to wise counsel to pursue your dream.

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How to Get Over a Past Relationship Faster Than You Think

You put all of your eggs in one basket, and not only did the love of your life take the eggs, they took the basket too. Starting over again may be rough without a roadmap and a reality check. This book delivers the goods!
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Stay In Your Own Lane

Stay In Your Own Lane is a book of confidence with nuggets of direction and several metaphors. Reading it will heal all of your lost desires and goals and bring them back to your heart knowing that with focus you can accomplish anything. When others tell you "No" and your heart tells you "Yes"

Stewart Marshall Gulley​


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The Inspirational Speaker, Author, Playwright



Great Speaker! I love his warm humble, yet confident approach and passion.

S. Amad, Palm Springs, CA

 Not one boring moment. His passion for life, love is inspiring and addictive

D. Gaynon, Montreal Canada

Testimonial by ABC's Hit Show

Secret Millionaire

"If you want to experience more success

and happiness, then work with Stewart, 

you'll be glad you did!

      James Malinchak-ABC's Hit Show

Mr. Gulley, what can I say but thank you! Your books are so inspiring, interesting and has so much wisdom.

                  Pinky Cunningham, Santa Monica CA

Lots of knowledge on subject matter!

N. Dicamillo, Hypnotherapist, Los Angeles, Calif.

I enjoyed the story about the little boy and his legos!

J. Villa, Hollywood, Calif.

Very informative, motivating, Stewart you are my inspiration.

                             Alima Brian, Moscow Russia

Adriana Millio talks about the children's book

 "The Elephant and the Mouse"

Ray Cunningham talking about the novel

                "Eric the Last Child"

Peaches Irby talking about the self-help book 

 " How to Get Over a Past Relationship"

Peaches Irby talks about book on relationships

Peaches Irby talks about book on relationships

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Eric last child front cover fire.jpg
How to Get Over a Past Relationship-COVE

Lester Crawford- R.E. Broker talking about the book "Stay in Your Own Lane" 

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Vanessa Dillard - Chef, talking about the book

"Who In The Hell is They"