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Self-Help Books

Buck Naked

"Buck Naked" is the most practical and logical book of all times. This book deals with you stripping off the burdensome cares that a marketing society has imposed on you. The harder you try to overcome in this complex world there are many manipulators that sit back and watch you destroy yourself as you become a creature of habit. Being frustrated from mediocre jobs, holidays, unmatched relationships, forced religious beliefs and neighborhoods that are unkind. You've been conditioned to think you were someone else. All the while you were feeling uncomfortable because the real you hadn't surfaced. Consequently, you've been using the right body but clothed with the wrong mind. Once you have understood what has happened you can make a wise decision without guilt. Not being afraid of what people think or fearful of what the outcome might be. You can finally be sure that you are becoming what you were always meant to be. Your spirit has always known. It has been working overtime trying to get your physical body to agree with what you've thought about doing over and over again. By reading this book your newly refreshed mind will allow you to dress properly in the desire that has been lingering deep in your soul. In the interim of life someone covered you up with his or her own personal desires and it stopped you from breathing on your own. Getting buck naked can be lots of fun especially when it's time to get dressed with what really makes you happy.
How to Get Over a Past Relationship Faster Than You Think

You put all of your eggs in one basket, and not only did the love of your life take the eggs, they took the basket too. Starting over again may be rough without a roadmap and a reality check. This book delivers the goods!

Who the hell are they new cover.jpeg
Who In The Hell Is "They?"


One of the most dangerous words used in the English dictionary is called "They." It has caused many people to lose focus on their dream only because of what "they said." This book encourages you to listen to your heart and not to worry about "they," and only listening to wise counsel to pursue your dream.

Stay In Your Own Lane

Stay In Your Own Lane is a book of confidence with nuggets of direction and several metaphors. Reading it will heal all of your lost desires and goals and bring them back to your heart knowing that with focus you can accomplish anything. When others tell you "No" and your heart tells you "Yes" know that staying in your own lane will get you to your destination much faster than allowing yourself to be driven down too many roads that are crowded with chaotic traffic that has no purpose! Staying in Your Own Lane is just a metaphor but arriving at your destiny will be pure reality and will give you comfort by being where you should have always been.

Church the Falling Empire

 So much has happened to our churches that many people have either lost faith in the church or are not going at all.  Much structure has been lost, and because of the COVID, many people have fallen away from going. Only to look back at what they were going to. Anything you do for 21 days, you can make a habit. How many 21 days are in 9 months where people are not going due to COVID or any other reason. When people return, there had better be something to draw and keep them, because they will not be settling for how things used to be. It will not be just about the leader's needs, but there's as well. This book will give many ideas of showing concern for the members and helping them feel that the leaders care. A true must book to read for leaders, members and organizers. Double spaced for easy reading.


This uplifting book is a compilation of 61 Best Selling Authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen as well as Stewart Marshall Gulley telling their personal freedom stories and how they were encouraged to move on regardless of the obstacles life presented at the place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.



A loving story of a witch that lived in the forest in which she was visited by three children. Upon many return visits the children realized that the witch had disappeared. They did not recognize her new beautiful look , which had to do with her health eating choices. They eventually learned the meaning of fruits and vegetables and how they were important to living well.

His Eye is on the Sparrow 
Small Print

A book that shows love, compassion and unity in spite of a tragedy that brings everyone together. A lesson to be learned and a loving story to be told by animals. 61 Pages

A heart that overflows with love is well-worth having! Stewart Marshall Gulley


Includes Coloring Book and Comprehension Test.

His Eye is on the Sparrow 

A book that shows love, compassion and unity in spite of a tragedy that brings everyone together. A lesson to be learned and a loving story to be told! This books shows full page drawings, which are much larger that the  small print . 181 Pages.

A heart that overflows with love is well-worth having! Stewart Marshall Gulley

Includes Coloring Book and Comprehension Test


The Elephant and the Mouse is a loving story of how the two became the best of friends after a fire occurred in a traveling circus. Although both were not aware of their talents, they began to think quickly about how they could help one another. The story shows how, if we look after one another, we would be surprised at where kindness ends.

1654230011538_The Birthday party cover from Amazon.webp
The Birthday Party To Which Nobody Came

This book shows children and adults the meaning of RSVP. Based on the true story of Stewart Marshall Gulley and how he turned around his emotions as a child when his mom gave him a party to which no one came. This book shows the importance of RSVP and how to feel that every day is Happy Birthday.

Novels & Novellettes

Eric last child front cover fire.jpg
​​Eric, the Last Child

​​Eric, the Last Child is a shocking and sensual novel that makes you wonder which part of life is real. Never has so much happened in such a small town that features the faith and love of one child. A corrupt court system that never ends and an elderly woman named Esther Wigglesworth threads her entire life through this chilling mystery filled with hatred, malice, and sexual fantasies. Prepare yourself for the biggest twist ever that will touch your heart. You'll read it twice because you won't believe what you read the first time!

High Heels and Bad Feet

High Heels and Bad Feet is another great short movie type book. Margaret Johnston falls in love with a podiatrist’s husband that she knows very little about. With her feelings entangled in this tragic mystery, she finds herself between a very hard rock and a very hard place. Unable to reverse her feelings after her child unknowingly solves a secret that stunned the nation of the man she should not have married.

Love Should Have Brought You Home Last Night!

A pastor attends a picnic and his world turns into a twilight zone. After he was tricked by a sexual diva he misses a day of life. Being drugged, he experiences the most traumatic adventure ever written in one book. He enters a time zone where he's 20 years behind and now facing a struggle with his religious beliefs which are interrupted by tortured sexual encounters he despises. While being sold at the auction block he believes it's the end of his world. Not knowing how his day will end he takes a chance on falling to sleep and awakening to more fear. Every time he awakens he finds himself in places he shouldn't be. Trying to ignore his outer body experience he his entangled with an inner body dilemma. This book is not suitable for children and will take you to the edge as an adult.


Finally, here’s a book that fits all. Although many books target certain groups, this is the book that fits all, because somewhere in life, regardless of your status you will be judged upon your promptness. Whether it’s your job, friends, new acquaintances or appointments. There will be some sense of accountability of your time and how others respect you when their time is involved with yours. This is the type of book that should be read by all employees, every adult as well as children. We should all understand that someone is depending on us at a certain time, and they would not like to be disappointed.

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